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Sophie's Shoppe


Let us know if you are interested in registering at Sophie's. We have so many great items to choose
from. You can register for anything you like. 

To help you out with some ideas, we have put together our top picks for the season.
These are always kept in stock and we feel like are must-haves for any new couple.

Let us know if you would like to schedule an appointment to register at Sophie's. Or if you're just in need of a great wedding gift, we can help you out with that too!

(423) 756-8711

1. Round Marble Cheeseboard                                                             

2. Salt Cellar                                                                                                   

3. Newlywed Cookbook                                                                                 

4. Salt+Pepper Server                                                                                    

5. Red+Grey Tea Towel                                                                                 

6. Bird Salad Paddles

7. Candle Sticks and Cement Taper Holders

8. Cookbook Holder

9. White Pitcher

10. Two in the Kitchen

11. Everything Bowl

12. Marble Hexagon Coasters

13. Set of Napkins

14. Salad Paddles

15. Date Board

16. Square Marble Cheeseboard

17. Recycled Champagne Flutes

18. Glass Bowl

19. Scalloped Platter

20. Red+Grey Napkins

21. Recycled Stemless Wine Glasses

22. Monogrammed Cutting Board

23. Five Votive Holder

24. Round Marble Coasters

25. Framed Art-Chattanooga Series No. 1

26. Glass Bowl

27. Antipasto Platter

28. Framed House Sketch

29. Linen Napkins

30. Newlywed Cookbook

31. Blossom Bowl

32. Monogrammed Cutting Board

33. Green+Red Tea Towel

34. Monogrammed Cutting Board

35. Framed Art-Chattanooga Series No. 2

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